Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator is an excellent tool to find-out your worth for immigration to Canada as a skilled worker. It is freely available on the websites of the most well-known and experienced visa and immigration consultancies, such as Abhinav. Use it and come to a conclusion!

For the object of skilled worker immigration to Canada, you need to first figure out our skills and ensure that it’s in-demand, and that you are good enough to make the cut, on the basis of the six main parameters for the skilled worker immigration to Canada.

The factors are: age, education, experience, language skills, arranged employment in Canada, and adaptability. A total out of 100 points are up-for-grabs, and you have to get a minimum of 67 points to become eligible for skilled worker immigration to Canada through Express Entry.

Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator Points Break-up

Age: A maximum of 12 points could be gained on this factor. Those who are from 18 to 35 Years can look forward to get the maximum 12 Points up-for-grabs.

Education: A maximum of 25 points could be gained. Those with Doctoral level education can hope to get these 25 points.

Experience: A maximum of 21 points are available. Candidates with 6 years or more of experience in a relevant field are given 21 points.

Language: For the English & or French or both a maximum of 24 points are offered.

Arranged employment in Canada: A maximum of 10 Points could be gained on this factor.

Adaptability: For the adaptability factor, a maximum 15 Points are available.

Here, basically we are talking about the score required for the Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP) run by the IRRC and offered now through the platform of Canada Express Entry.

But how do you find out if you can score the minimum required points. As mentioned earlier, for the purpose, use the Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator. This is nothing but a tool used to figure how you score on the different factors mentioned elsewhere.

The Canadian Government and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) use it accept your profile and allow it adorn the Express Entry profile bank of the candidates. There, in the bank, the aspirants are further examined and a score assigned to them, this time harnessing the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), for which a maximum of 1200 points are up-for-grabs.

Express Entry draws are conducted every two or three weeks and those who get the cut off or more get the prized Invitation to Apply (ITA). Remarkably, for the past year or so, the cut off has been nose diving and the number of ITA offered ballooning, in the process, making the immigration process for the skilled workers to Canada easier and smoother.   

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