Canadian Permanent Resident

Canada is a country with big heart. It is one of the largest countries in the world and the number of foreign-born nationals is really high there in which means the Maple Leaf Country is extremely popular among those who want to become a Canadian Permanent Resident and migrate in search of better livelihood and opportunities. Generally, it is the younger generation which is fascinated by the country’s economy, natural beauty, and lifestyle, and of course, the availability of work opportunities.

The Canadian Government provides Permanent Residency (PR) to those who are not the nationals of Canada, which means they are the natives of some other country and have expressed their interest in becoming Canadian Permanent Resident.

How to become Canadian Permanent Resident?

You can become one if you have a family member residing in the country. They can sponsor you for a PR Visa. You may also get a PR Visa if you have a job offer from an approved Canadian employer. Investors and business people who are may also become a Canadian Permanent Resident.

Express Entry is the key immigration system to acquire Canada PR Visa. Many federal economic programmes fall under this electronic system. To proceed, and understand it, get in touch with an immigration expert!

Benefits You Get Once You Become Canadian Permanent Resident

Such residents get a Permanent Resident Card which is similar to the US Green Card. It comes with many benefits at part with the ones that greet the Canadian citizens. Several people also see it as an easy way to get a Canadian citizenship and open the doors of almost 72 countries for themselves.

Coming back to the benefits, these are the top ones!

  1. You can live or work anywhere in the nation, except Quebec, without facing any interference from the Canadian Government.
  2. You are eligible to sponsor your relative or family but before it, they will have to meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. A Canadian Permanent Resident is free to choose any occupation of their interest. They can take a job or else can start their own business as well.
  4. If you want, you can take admission in a Canadian university and pursue a course of your interest.
  5. The permanent residents are protected under the Canadian law and charter of rights and freedoms which means the Canadian Administration is responsible for your safety.
  6. You may travel abroad any number of times.
  7. You family members get the same benefits, rights, status, and freedom.

It’s not easy to become a Canadian Permanent Resident. The journey is long and can get complex if you do not understand it completely. What to do? Well, consult an immigration consultant, tell them what you are aiming at, hand over your documents, and then enjoy the process!

Significantly, it may not be very difficult to get Permanent Residency but could be somewhat difficult to maintain it. You require remaining in country physically for at least two years in the last five years, lest your PR Visa gets canceled.

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