Do you know that the Canada Skilled Worker List 2018 has as many as 347 different kinds of jobs? Do you know that the present time is very apt for skilled worker immigration to Canada, and so if you are one of those with Canada immigration dreams for Permanent Residence (PR) there in, start your visa application process without any delays?

Do you know that Engineering Project Manager and Business Analysts are the top two professions currently in-demand for skilled worker immigration to Canada with Sales Representatives, General Labor, Accountant, Customer Service Representative, Software Engineer, and Forklift Operator being some of the other top professions presently?

Do you know that those whose profession finds a mention in the Canada Skilled Worker List 2018 do not need a job offer for the object of skilled worker immigration to Canada? They do not require sponsorship either though if they have it, it won’t do any damage to their prospects.

Express Entry for  Canada Resident Visa

You know what–Express Entry Programe, an innovative offering from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC),   the concerned and responsible visa & immigration application organization–tasked with managing the entry of ONLY the right candidates–has opened the doors wide open for the trained employees, and made employment in the Maple Leaf Country much more possible.

The highly popular and very speedy online system asks the applicants for the legally valid credentials of certain important personal specifics, like Age, Education, Adaptability and Work Experience, among others.

A review is then done on the profiles of the aspirants submitted employing the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) even as points are given to the applicants. A total of 1200 points are up-for-grabs. Provincial Nomination fetches one 600 valuable points. Those who get sufficient points become entitled for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence (PR) in the country.

Express Entry Canada –An Update

Recently, on July 11, the most recent Express Entry draw–which was also the 94th draw–was conducted, and Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent residence PR was given to 3,750 lucky candidates with a CRS total of 442 or above. Remarkably, a CRS total of 442 or above was for the 93rd draw as well even as interestingly then also 3,750 invitations were offered.

The nose-diving cut-offs and the spiraling invitations mean Canada immigration is becoming easier for those who are have in them to shine on the global map and fly with the wings of their in-demand skills. Sky is now certainly the limit for the skilled workers interested in immigration to Canada.

But the important question is are you ON? If you are engage a well-known visa and immigration consultancy TODAY if you have not already made this important decision so far and embark on your journey to the beautiful destination with endless possibilities!

As they say, Canada beckons you!

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