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No matter how difficult it is to get a Canada Permanent Residence (PR) Visa, it is desired the most. The competition to get the Canada PR Visa is cut and throat even though the Canadian Government aims to welcome approximately one million new immigrants by the end of 2020. Thus, it’s better to take the help of the professional Canada PR Consultants in Delhi to make the grade.

When it comes to applying for a Canada PR Visa, they are the most trusted hand. They ensure that all their clients get their PR Visa at the earliest. With reasonable consultation charges and effective guidelines to get a PR Visa, they are expanding to the new heights.

How Can Consultants in Delhi help you get a Canada PR Visa?

It’s not tricky to get a Canada PR Visa. Rather, it’s a systematic stepwise procedure that needs to be followed accurately supported by a fine PR Consultant. Canadian immigration system has undergone some changes in the last six months or so. Canada PR Consultants have followed these changes to help their clients in the best possible manner.

PR Visa Process

Following is the stepwise procedure:

Confirm your Eligibility for PR Visa

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the concerned organization, has implemented a point-based system based on various parameters, such as age, education, experience, language ability, etc. Confirming the basic eligibility is the most important part of the PR process.

Application Documentation

This is a vital step then needs to be fulfilled neatly to apply for the PR Visa. It is important to submit the documents as per the official checklist, and subsequently submit them with a complete visa application. A professional PR Visa Consultant has experience and submits documents without missing a single point.

Select the Right Pathway

It’s almost impossible to select the right destination if you do not choose the right pathway. If you want to acquire the Canadian PR Visa then let a

Get Canada Visa Help choose a right PR pathway for you, by selecting the right immigration programme for you.

Submission of Visa Application Form

Filling and submitting the visa application form with 100% accuracy, and on time, is another key step in obtaining the prized PR Visa. An application with incomplete documents or information can delay the decision on your PR Visa application, or the worst scenario is that your application could be rejected. Hence, the same must be submitted vigilantly under the guidance of the expert Canada PR Consultants in Delhi.

The process does not end with the submission of the visa application. A new chapter starts here you must follow with the immigration officer regarding your application, and produce any additional document or information if asked, or provide the proofs of the documents required.

Many Canada PR Consultants in Delhi have been helping and guiding people in becoming the Canadian permanent residents since long. Aspirants trust them and have confidence in the way they process their PR application as very often they give them good news

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