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Key feature of the express entry program is the key role provinces can play in the process and significant points (600) that are provided if one of has a provincial nomination. As on 2nd January, 15, following provinces have announced their intentions to accept the program under the express entry program. Announcements will follow from other provinces in due course. Hence, if a candidate mentions any of the following provinces to be his preferred province while filing his pool application, chances of his provincial nomination will increase. It is quite logical for provinces to nominate those candidates who mention their province as the preferred province in the pool application.

It is critical to understand that candidates selected through express entry program under provincial nomination will need to meet the selection criteria (read 67 points and all related requirement such as minimum 6.0 in each in IELTS). Selection quota in provinces under express entry is NOT to be confused with provincial selection under “occupation-in-demand” category where special provisions were available for acceptance of applications with lower IELTS score.

Manitoba provincial nomination for skilled professionals
Manitoba will be able to nominate a maximum of 500 applicants through Express Entry in 2015. These applicants must also meet the minimum federal criteria for one of the three federal programs included in Express Entry.

Express Entry candidates nominated by Manitoba will receive an additional 600 points in their Express Entry assessment and will receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). CIC has committed to faster processing times of 6 months or less for applicants through Express Entry.

Saskatchewan provincial nomination for skilled professionals
The SINP will begin to accept applications to the Saskatchewan Express Entry Sub-Category in 2015. The date that the Sub-Category will be opened will be announced on this webpage.

Application Intake Thresholds as of January 2, 2015

SINP Category Application Quota Remaining applications
that will be accepted
by the SINP in 2015
International Skilled Workers
International Skilled Workers – With an Employment Offer 5,000 5,000
International Skilled Workers – Express Entry 1,000 1,000
International Skilled Workers – Occupations In-Demand 500 0

Nova Scotia provincial nomination for skilled professionals
Nova Scotia – 

Nova Scotia will launch a new immigration stream in January called Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry.

The stream comes with 350 new immigration nominations, bringing the total in 2015 to 1,050, up from 700 in 2014.Nova Scotia will use the federal government’s new intake system, Express Entry, for the stream. Provinces must use federal skills and qualifications criteria to select immigrants.Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry is a pilot project for 2015, replacing the Regional Labor Market Demand stream.

More updates to follow in due course. Hope this helps all of you in get going with appropriate action and start your process for Immigration to Canada Under Skilled Category.

British Columbia provincial nomination for skilled professionals
Express Entry British Columbia –

British Columbia is adding a new stream to the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) called Express Entry British Columbia. This new stream allows PNP to use CIC’s Express Entry system to meet B.C.’s specific labour market needs.

Benefit for Employers
The new Express Entry British Columbia stream of the PNP will help B.C. meet the need for skilled workers. Eligible applicants for one of the PNP’s Express Entry British Columbia categories will receive priority processing of PNP applications, and if nominated, permanent residence applications.

Benefit for Individuals
The PNP’s new Express Entry British Columbia stream will result in faster and more efficient processing for eligible skilled workers and significantly reduce their application processing time.
There are currently 3 new categories under the Express Entry British Columbia stream.

  • Express Entry British Columbia – Skilled Worker*
    • Express Entry British Columbia – Health Care Professional*(this is included in the Express Entry British Columbia – Skilled Worker category)
  • Express Entry British Columbia – International Graduate*
  • Express Entry British Columbia – International Post Graduate

*Please note – To qualify under these categories, you must have a valid offer of indeterminate full-time employment from a B.C. employer.

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