Trained professional candidates, interested in getting Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada, through the route of Quebec are evaluated under a different system than those who wish to get PR through other visa options and who are keen to reside elsewhere in the country. The process is carried-out under the umbrella the Quebec Skilled Workers Class which is the region’s ‘Regular Skilled Worker Program’.

The Quebec Skilled Workers Class is perfectly tailored to locate those aspirants whose chances of becoming economically well set up in the province are fairly high.

A crucial feature of the Quebec immigration programmer for Canada PR is that to successfully move to the province you do not compulsorily require a job offer. This is not to suggest that those with such an offer in hand do not get a preference, as they do. But the important thing is that even those who may exhibit a strong link to the province–both commercially & domestically–also receive more than due consideration.

Since the Quebec Skilled Workers Class is one of the rare immigration schemes obtainable which do not necessarily ask for either a Canadian offer of employment or presence in the pool, countless candidates submit an application for the program every year even as it hits upper limit very swiftly every time it becomes obtainable.

Expression of Interest (EoI) System

Quebec’s latest Expression of Interest (EoI) System has come into force now as part of the province’s attempts to restructure the processing of the petitions submitted. Those keen to apply for immigration to the province will begin the procedure by exhibiting their interest in applying to the scheme via entering a profile in the EoI Bank of Quebec.

At present, Quebec Skilled Workers Class is not available to every aspirant, barring those who are cap-exempt. As per the available information, a new intake period will take place in the future months, though the particular dates have still to be made public.

Quebec Skilled Workers Class Eligibility

The eligibility of a person applying for the programme is as per the system that has several selection aspects. These are totally different from the ones employed for the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Programme run by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Aspirants have to face and sail through the essential medical and criminal background checks before they present their application to the IRCC for the Quebec Canada PR.

With a view to be qualified, it is required that the aspirants obtain the required score under the Quebec Immigration Points Table for 2018. While, as per the requirements, a single (unattached) candidate must obtain not less than 50 points, those with a spouse or common-law partner must get not less than 59 points.

Quebec Immigration Points Table

Education (utmost 14 points), Language Ability (maximum 22 points), Quebec Link (utmost 8 points), Features of Spouse (maximum 17 points), Validated Employment Offer (utmost 10 points, Accompanying Kids (not more than 8 points), Financial Self-sufficiency (not more than 1 point).

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