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Canada much inspires the footloose and the ambitious. Many such people move, or make an effort to move, to the popular destination for business, pleasure, residence or job. Ottawa and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offer both temporary and Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) options to such aspirants. Of the different options available, the Canada Tourist Visa–also known as Visitor Visa–is much sought after. To get the visa, you have to fulfill the compulsory Tourist Visa Requirements for Canada though.

Who can seek and get this visa?

Those who wish to move to the destination temporarily, for the object of job, study or a visit may seek and successfully obtain the prized visa, provided, of course, they meet the Tourist Visa Requirements for Canada at first.

As per the rules of the land, it is required that the aspirant does not hold citizenship or a Permanent Residency the country. He must not be a holder of the minister’s permit either.

With a view to get admission into the Maple Leaf Country, the visitors or the tourists must have a legally valid entry document, such as a visa. It is also required that the visa is received before one reaches a Canadian Port of Entry (POE).

Tourist Visa Requirements for Canada

These are the important Tourist Requirements for Canada:

  1. Original Passports with not less than 6 months validity left from date of landing in the country and previous passports (in case you have one).
  2. Visa Application Forms.
  3. Cover letter stating your specifics, travel schedule and the particulars of the other members moving with you.
  4. Shining Color photograph: 35mm x 45mm, with white background, matt finish, 80% face size, to show the contours of your face in the best possible manner.
  5. Bookings for Hotel.
  6. Daily tour Travel plan.
  7. Air tickets
  8. Original Leave letter from Recruiter/School/College whichever is applicable.
  9. If Self Employed – Shop Act/MOA/Deed.
  10. Salary slips for the preceding 6 months, in case working.
  11. Original personal bank statements for the previous 6 months up to date with strong & satisfactory bank balance.
  12. Income Tax returns/Form 16 for the preceding 3 years.
  13. School/College ID card copy, if studying.
  14. Retirement proof/pension passbook or slips, in case retired.
  15. Additional financial certificates/papers, such as NSC, FD, PPF, Shares, and Property papers.


Canada Tourist Visa–How to Apply?

You have two good options–you can apply either online or offline. The former is simpler, vis-à-vis the latter. For it though you will require certain specific electronic devices. You could be using either processes, obtaining sanction for a Tourist Visa for Canada is basically a two-step procedure.

You require presenting your application for the Tourist Visa to the right Canadian visa bureau in your particular area. The involved visa official will examine your petition. He will also take your interview. You may be interviewed again post you receive your Visitor Visa, this time around, at a POE in Canada.

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